About Us

About Us

The mental health crisis in the veterinary industry is costing the lives of the vets and staff who look after our beloved animals.

We (Kate, Garry, Tom, and Oliver) established Sophie’s Legacy following the death of our much-loved daughter and sister, Dr Sophie Putland.

Sophie took her own life at age 33 on September 4th, 2021, while working as a vet in Melbourne. We are determined to honour Sophie and her dedication to the industry and her colleagues by helping to make the vet industry safer.

We have raised almost $50,000 via our GoFundMe page and we are determined to honour Sophie and her generous donors through Sophie’s Legacy.

Sophie's Legacy GoFundMe
Our growing base

Since then we have been joined by old and new friends, who have made it possible for us to have the outreach we have today. In particular we would like to thank:

– Jess Schultz

– Kylie Angus

– Joan Phyland

– Di Rogowski

– Alisha Rogowski

– Caroline Winter

– Rhett Burnie

– Vicki Evans

– Selga Tucker

– Kate Holland

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